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Rich Gambini 5 years ago
My wife actually brings bisexual or gay men home so she can watch us suck and fuck each other. Bette is not interested in sex anymore and she realizes that my sexual appetite is off the charts. She does not want me to get involved with another woman out of fear that I would leave her. I had 2 gay flings in college so I have had experience with guys a long time ago.
Angie Hummel 5 years ago
I got my husband into swinging to spice up our sex lives. Dave and his wife were our favorites. 2 years into swinging Carol left Dave for a beautiful lesbian. Dave joined us for a weekend fling. With very little encouragement, Jason sucked Dave's cock and swallowed a juicy load. I must be a pervert because I really got hot watching Jason sucking cock and also getting fucked by Dave. I think Jason loves Dave's cock more than he loves me.
Horny 4 years ago
Would love to fuck and suck all three of them. So hot.
Bbr 5 years ago
My barber is old like that . Everyone said he was gay but I didn’t want to tell them I was bi. So one day he’s cutting my hair and I said I gotta go home and finish. He says why I’m cutting your hair. I said my balls nd dick. He said ok . Minute later he said I can bring you in back and do that for you. I said ok. But it’s not to bad. I pull the thing that’s covering me and slide my shorts down so he can see I’m almost hard!
Jimmy 3 years ago
My wife and I have a male friend that lives with use. We both enjoy him together and separately. When he's not fucking my wife he's fucking me .
Horny Bi 3 years ago
I would love to have a Bi threesome, I love eating pussy while I'm getting fucked
4 years ago
Wow, that is so hot! I'd love to please all of them.
4 years ago
I followed my friend to the bedroom where he removed his clothes to show me that he was wearing panties and stockings. Laying down with his legs spread wide open as I removed all of my clothes and laid down between his legs and began sucking his soft little cock. We heard the bathroom door open and she went back to the kitchen not sure where we were. She looked into his bedroom to see me sucking on my friends little hard cock. I looked up at her to see her fully dressed in black lingerie.
Vpotus 5 years ago
Looks like Mike pence
Finch 2 years ago
OMG I can't believe how watching that makes me feel. I'm straight but right now I'd do anything to feel a cock inside me